Elevating Supply Chain Security: Octamile Partners Tracc Systems to Embed Marine and Goods-in-Transit Insurance

Octamile partners tracc systems

We are thrilled to announce that Octamile partners Tracc Systems, demonstrating its commitment to revolutionising supply chain security. Together, we are introducing comprehensive insurance solutions to protect your goods throughout the entire supply chain journey, ensuring they are safeguarded against unforeseen events.

Who is Tracc systems?

Tracc Systems is an AI-powered supply chain visibility and data company. Its mission is to empower businesses with advanced supply chain visibility solutions, revolutionising supply chain management. It is dedicated to helping clients achieve automation, visibility, data, transparency, efficiency and sustainability through innovative technology, real-time data insights, and exceptional service. 

By providing reliable and customisable visibility solutions, it aims to build trusted partnerships and drive the success of businesses across industries while contributing to a safer, more sustainable, and more resilient global supply chain ecosystem.

“Our collaboration with Tracc Systems marks a significant milestone for the supply chain industry. Together, we create a powerful synergy, seamlessly embedding comprehensive insurance options into their cutting-edge supply chain visibility platform. This partnership reflects our shared vision of enhancing supply chain security, and we are excited to empower businesses with unmatched protection throughout this journey.” Gbenro Dara, CEO of Octamile.

Enhanced supply Chain Security

In the pursuit of elevating supply chain security and customer experience, Tracc Systems and Octamile have come together to embed Marine Insurance and Goods-in-Transit insurance into Tracc Systems supply chain visibility platform. This integration provides businesses and customers with a consolidated platform that enhances convenience and protection during the entire logistics and supply chain journey.

Whether the goods are transported across land, sea, or air, the comprehensive marine and goods-in-transit insurance solutions offer peace of mind, knowing that the client’s valuable cargo is protected against any unexpected events that may arise during transportation.

The CEO, Tracc Systems, Olamide Adebiyi, says, “We are excited about this partnership with Octamile. At Tracc, our focus has always been on elevating the customer experience for our clients, and this collaboration takes it to new heights. Through this integration, our customers will now access a wide array of insurance package options, all conveniently consolidated in one place. This means added convenience, enhanced protection, and peace of mind throughout the entire logistics, transportation and supply chain journey. Together with Octamile, we are excited to empower businesses with comprehensive solutions that redefine efficiency and security in the supply chain landscape.”

About octamile

As a leading insurtech company, Octamile is at the forefront of digitising insurance processes, making insurance solutions accessible and hassle-free. Trusted by renowned B2C companies, Octamile has a reputation for simplifying the launch of multiple or single insurance products across web and app platforms. From lifestyle to goods-in-transit, health to auto and credit insurance, Octamile’s cutting-edge digital infrastructure unlocks limitless possibilities for businesses and customers alike.

Experience the future of insurance with Octamile. Leverage our cutting-edge digital insurance infrastructure to propel your business forward. Schedule a meeting today or email us at business@octamile.com to unlock limitless possibilities.

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