Employee Spotlight: Meet Victor Adejoh

meet victor; creative designer at octamile

They say creatives are oftentimes laid-back, extremely cool people. Victor Adejoh bodies that definition. He is a huge talent in octamile and proudly identifies as one of the eccentrics. 

Victor is a rap artiste when he isn’t creating designs. Ever won a grand prize in USD for your rapping prowess? Victor Adejoh did.
Our Interview with victor was really interesting, and we are sure you’ll be fully entertained like we were. 

Q: Please give a brief introduction of yourself. Your name, what you do for the company, the team you work with.

A: My name is Victor Adejoh, I’m the Creative Designer at Octamile, and I work with the marketing department.

Q: How have you found our business culture here at octamile to be?

A: Business culture, as in work ethic and values, yeah? I think it’s decent. Everyone’s really chilled, doing due diligence and all.

Q: What questions do you have for Gbenro?

A: When do we start getting paid in dollars? Lmao. I’m kidding! But shoutout to G.D. He’s inarguably the coolest boss ever.

Q: Could you imagine yourself doing something else instead of what you do now?

A: Not entirely, no! I’ve always been fascinated by animation and VFX. So it’ll either be working for a top agency or design studio like Disney or Marvel (not D.C. please). I will be doing what I love but in a different capacity.

Q: If you could switch your job with anyone else within Octamile, whose job would you want?

A: If I could switch jobs… can I personify an object? If I could, that would be the wall frames in the office. All they literally do is hang all day. It would be nice tbh.

Q: What is it about you that will wow most folks or most folks have been wowed about?

A: People always look dazed when I say I studied Architecture at Uni. The look amplifies on an omoeuxx level when I say I rap too.

Q: Any recent significant achievements based on this? 

A: Yeah, I guess so. I was a finalist in the 8th edition of HennessyVSClass. I was featured on WeTalkSound’s LOFN4 project, which made Number 1 on the Apple Music chart. 

Oh! and most recently, I won a Disha rap competition with a grand price tag in USD, amongst other things.

Q: Which cartoon character would you most wish to swap lives with?

A: This is a tough one. Hard to pick, but it’s somewhere between Professor Utonium, Stewie Griffin and Rick Sanchez.

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