Introducing: Octamile Embedded Insurance Widget

octamile embedded insurance widget

API-led insurance solutions are becoming fundamental to deepening insurance penetration globally,  and Africa is catching on fast. Building solutions that solve the unique needs of underinsured consumers and businesses is at the core of our promise and mission at Octamile.

However, integrating APIs could be daunting for online businesses with a lean technical or no team is sometimes unachievable. We are changing this to enable more online businesses to make accessible the protection insurance provides.

Today, we are happy to announce a low-code and easy-to-integrate embedded insurance checkout solution for online businesses and their underinsured consumers. Introducing the Octamile Embedded Insurance-in-one Widget, online businesses can now integrate insurance products from trusted and leading Insurers in 2 mins.

“Our business team constantly had the product and engineering on chokehold for a simpler way to get Integrations done faster and enable partners with zero or low technical capability. Octamile Embedded Insurance Widget is a game-changer and the first of its kind in Africa. We are happy to see how this will democratise access to insurance further across our markets.,” said Oladapo Adediran, CTO Octamile.

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What Is Octamile AIMS Widget

The Octamile All-in-one Insurance Management Solution Widget is a web widget available via the website and mobile web that enables the Integration of Insurance products and services within minutes. 

Difference Between Octamile Insurance Widget and APIs

The Octamile Embedded Insurance Widget is a simple, low-code, easy-to-integrate embedded insurance solution for online businesses to launch insurance products. It takes less than 5 minutes and offers seamless access to customised insurance product needs. 

It removes the hassles of embedded insurance APIS integrations for online businesses with no engineering capacity. It reduces the time to market for launching embedded insurance products and services in their ecosystem.  

octamile embedded insurance checkout

How Do I Get Started

To get started, schedule a demo here or email Afterwards, the Octamile Embedded Insurance Widget code is provided and integrated into your website, all the elements required to launch insurance directly on your website are automatically added to the site for consumers to access. 

Why Choose Octamile?

Octamile’s All-in-One Insurance Management Infrastructure is the most powerful way for businesses to automate insurance claims and risks assessment and add insurance to their platform or existing products or services via our embedded insurance APIs and Widgets.

B2C companies like Gokada, Pocket, Jamborow, DriveMe, VeendHQ, Edusko and Wecover rely on our APIs to integrate lifestyle, health, auto, life, credit and other customisable insurance products.

We partner with leading Insurers like AXAMansard, AIICO, Custodian & Allied Leadway Assurance and others to provide Insurance products to underinsured populations.
Launch insurance products and services on your website today; it takes less than 5 minutes; schedule a demo here or email to get started.

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