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We are simplifying access to insurance to protect Africans from financial loss.

Digital penetration has grown exponentially across Africa, but Africans still have a low uptake of insurance policies.

The insurance value chain has largely remained traditional and slow in leapfrogging digitised access to insurance and improving customer experience.

At Octamile, we believe the new dawn is here and now. We are enabling African insurance and non-insurance businesses with the technology and data to protect Africa's future.

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Who are we?

We Believe in Africa: Over a billion people on the continent deserve protection from financial loss through access to insurance to enable Africa to rise to its full potential.

We are Disruptors: We pride ourselves as the operating system of Digital Insurance in Africa.

We are Innovators: Deploying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Legacy Technology and Data to solve Africa's unique Insurance challenges.

We Believe in Partnerships: Incumbent or Challenger brand? We believe that no one person or organisation alone can solve the insurance challenges in Africa without meaningful partnerships.

We are Helpers: We are here to serve Africa, its people, insurance and non-insurance businesses.

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