About Us:

Simplifying Access to Insurance to protect Africa’s Underinsured from Financial Loss

Over the last decade, digitisation has leapfrogged in several African sectors, but the insurance value-chain has remained partly traditional, with penetration below the 3% mark.

Octamile is an insurtech startup simplifying access to insurance to protect Africa’s underinsured from financial loss.

We are an All-in-One Insurance Management Solution that enables the insurance ecosystem to digitise the insurance value-chain for consumers through embedded insurance distribution, end-to-end claims automation and risk assessment for insurance underwriting, claims and financing.

The Octamile Team

We are a group of insurance and technology professionals with several years of experience solving consumer and business problems across various verticals.

We Believe in Africa & Its People: We Believe in Africa & Its People: We are building solutions to make it easier for Africa’s underinsured to reach their full potential by accessing relevant insurance services through partnerships with insurers, brokers and B2C companies across several verticals.

We are Innovators & Disruptors: We are Innovators & Disruptors: We are innovators, building the operating system for digital insurance management in Africa. Octamile is deploying Technology-driven solutions to solve Africa's unique insurance challenges.

We are Partners & Helpers: We are Partners & Helpers: Whether you are an incumbent or challenger brand, at Octamile, we believe that no single person or organisation can solve the challenges facing insurance in Africa without meaningful partnerships.

Octamile is making insurance work for Insurers, B2C Businesses and their Consumers.

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