Strengthening African Journeys: The Octamile and Treepz Promise for Travelers and Drivers

Octamile Partnership with Treez

We’re thrilled to share some news that’s been brewing behind the scenes. We are excited to announce the partnership between Treepz, Africa’s leading car-sharing platform, and Octamile, the continent’s pioneer in insurtech solutions.

Octamile’s partnership with Treepz promises a fresh, customer-centric and safe approach to car rental services, combining instant bookings with comprehensive insurance for guests and hosts looking to travel or commute within their local community or within Africa.

The goal is to improve the standards of safety and assurance for every customer hitting the roads, whether they be Individuals or businesses.

About Treepz 

Established in 2019, Treepz is Africa’s top car-sharing marketplace, offering convenient and flexible access to rental vehicles for individuals and businesses.

Operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, Treepz has achieved impressive milestones, including over 3 million bookings, $5 million in income to vehicle partners, and 3 million kg of CO2 emissions saved across all markets.

Its success is supported by renowned investors like Google, SOSV, Techstars, BKR Capital, and Shock Ventures. Notable clients such as Tek Experts, Wakanow, Multichoice, Jiji, and Diamond Trust Bank trust Treepz to power their mobility solutions.

The Partnership Defined

Imagine hopping into a rented car, knowing you’re fully covered insurance-wise, no matter where the roads or adventure takes you. That’s the magic Octamile and Treepz are bringing to the table.

The partnership between Octamile and Treepz ensures the safety and confidence of commuters across Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana. Embedding insurance on Treepz platform makes it easier to provide safety for travellers, commuters and drivers. Rooted in innovation, this collaboration introduces ‘Treepz Care’ – a comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to the unique needs of Treepz car rental services.

Onyeka Akumah, the CEO and Co-founder of Treepz, has this to say about the partnership, “We are witnessing immense growth in the travel and mobility sectors as more people seek to explore places both near and far and as they embrace flexible means of transportation in response to changing lifestyle demands.

We take pride in powering this industry with a platform that empowers consumers and businesses to rent the perfect car for any occasion, whether for an airport transfer, a wedding, an executive trip, or employee transportation.

Our goal is to build Africa’s largest car-sharing marketplace for car rentals, and at the heart of this innovation is our commitment to safety, which includes comprehensive insurance coverage for both guests and hosts.

We are delighted to partner with Octamile, a company that has established itself as a leader in the digital insurance industry over the years, to introduce Treepz Care, our insurance program designed for the users of our marketplace—both guests and hosts.”

Diving Into Treepz Care

Rental Passenger Insurance: This offering provides critical coverage in the unfortunate event of road accidents, encompassing protection against death, bodily injuries, and disabilities.

Driver Accident Insurance: Prioritizing the well-being of the drivers, this segment of Treepz Care ensures that in any untoward incident, the driver is covered for death, injuries, or disabilities.

Comprehensive Motor and Third-Party Insurance: Beyond the passengers and drivers, the vehicles are the lifeblood of the car-sharing ecosystem.

This facet ensures these assets are covered against unforeseen risks, providing peace of mind to the vehicle owners and ensuring seamless operations for the platform.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to accidents involving third parties, like unfortunate events resulting in injury, disability, or even loss of life. The coverage extends to funeral costs, medical bills, and compensation for any personal belongings that may be affected.

Treepz has made sure that the process of securing insurance for its guests is as smooth as possible. It has seamlessly integrated guest protection coverage into the booking process, eliminating the need for any extra steps on the guest’s end to enjoy the advantages.

As a host, you can effortlessly opt in for a variety of policy options as you onboard, such as host protection, third-party vehicle insurance, and comprehensive vehicle insurance, all within your host account on our app.

Gbenro Dara, CEO of Octamile, said, “Collaborating with Treepz, Africa’s largest ride-sharing marketplace, is a source of pride for us. Together, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive protection for Treepz Hosts and Guests in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

By integrating our all-in-one insurance management solution – Boost, Treepz can offer embedded accident protection and vehicle insurance from leading insurers across Africa.

This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to ensuring safety and peace of mind for Treepz users and furthers our mission to protect the customers of Africa’s largest digital companies.”

In countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, the travel and tourism industries are integral, offering distinctive experiences for travelers and explorers. Car rental services are essential for providing tourists and travelers with the confidence to explore the diverse landscapes of these regions:

  1. In 2022, Kenya, celebrated for its wildlife and national parks, welcomed over 2 million international tourists, drawing visitors from all over the world.
  2. Ghana’s tourism sector made a significant contribution to its GDP, accounting for an impressive 6.8% in 2021, emphasizing its economic significance.
  3. Uganda, blessed with abundant natural attractions, continues to experience a remarkable upsurge in tourism arrivals, underscoring its increasing popularity.
  4. Nigeria, as Africa’s most populous nation, holds vast potential in its burgeoning tourism sector, particularly for the growth of car rental services.

Broader Implications for Africa and Beyond:

Octamile’s ambition doesn’t stop at redefining insured travel in Africa; it echoes the broader aim of reaching the underinsured corners of Africa. This partnership is a significant step in bringing world-class insurance solutions to places where they’re needed the most.

The company is on a steadfast mission to bridge the insurance gap across the continent, ensuring even the underinsured have access to top-tier solutions.

About octamile:

Octamile is a leading insurtech company; Octamile is at the forefront of digitising insurance processes, making insurance solutions accessible and hassle-free.

Trusted by renowned B2C companies like Gokada, Terminal Africa, Tracc systems, Messenger, DriveMe, Traction, Spreentar, and Kredibank, who rely on our API or Widget to unlock limitless possibilities for businesses and customers alike.

We have a reputation for simplifying the launch of multiple or single insurance products across web and app platforms.

From lifestyle to goods-in-transit, health to auto and credit insurance, Octamile’s digital infrastructure unlocks limitless possibilities for businesses and customers alike.

Experience the future of insurance with Octamile. Leverage our digital insurance infrastructure to propel your business. Get started for free, book a meeting here or email us at

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