Innovating Healthcare Solutions: Octamile Partners RxAll to Expand Access to Health Insurance

Octamile partners with rxall

We are excited to share that RxAll, a key player in health technology and octamile, Africa’s leading insurtech, have formed a partnership that will drastically improve healthcare access. By offering affordable and comprehensive health insurance packages through a seamless platform, they aim to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, starting in Africa.

RxAll is a health-tech platform that aims to improve access to affordable healthcare services and high-quality medicines worldwide, focusing on Africa. To achieve this goal, RxAll has developed advanced technological solutions such as a drug testing platform, pharmacy management software, an invoice financing platform, and retail outlets known as the RxGO Pharmacy Network.

Octamile has collaborated with RxAll to develop a dedicated portal for the sale and purchase of health insurance. This portal empowers RxAll agents to efficiently distribute health insurance to their customers, whether families or individuals. The seamless integration of Octamile’s expertise and technology within the RxAll platform ensures a streamlined and user-friendly experience for customers seeking comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Affordability of Health Insurance Packages

One of the key benefits of this partnership is the affordability of the health insurance packages offered. For as low as N 1,600, individuals and families can access a wide range of healthcare benefits, including general and specialist consultations, accident and emergency care, ambulance services, basic diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, hospitalisation, intensive care, dental care, immunisation, and even surgeries. The comprehensive coverage provided by these health insurance packages ensures peace of mind for customers, safeguarding them from unexpected healthcare expenses.

Adebayo Alonge, the CEO of RxAll, Inc., said, “We were looking to include insurance products on our platform so that our merchants and consumers could easily access insurance to protect their businesses, health and assets. The Octamile platform was by far the easiest to integrate, and we are excited to get our customers across Nigeria to easily buy any type of insurance they need on our platform in person or digitally. We look forward to expanding this offering with Octamile into our other countries of operations in the rest of Africa”

By joining forces, Octamile and RxAll are addressing the pressing need for accessible and affordable healthcare solutions. This partnership not only enables RxAll agents to expand their services by offering health insurance options to their customers but also empowers individuals and families to manage their healthcare needs proactively. Through the user-friendly portal developed by Octamile, customers can easily explore and purchase health insurance packages that align with their specific requirements.

Gbenro Dara, the CEO of Octamile, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership between Octamile and RxAll marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, as it combines the power of cutting-edge technology and comprehensive insurance solutions to make healthcare accessible to everyone. By leveraging Octamile’s expertise in insurtech and RxAll’s commitment to healthcare innovation, individuals and families can now enjoy the benefits of affordable health insurance coverage.”

It is set to transform the healthcare landscape, making quality healthcare accessible and affordable. Through our collaborative efforts, we are empowering individuals and families to take charge of their healthcare needs and providing peace of mind through comprehensive health insurance coverage. The future of healthcare access is here, and Octamile and RxAll are at the forefront of this transformative journey.

About Octamile:

Octamile is a Leading insurtech Company, empowering businesses to unlock the true potential of digital insurance. With our all-in-one digital insurance infrastructure, we have simplified the process of launching multiple or single insurance products for consumers across web and app platforms. Trusted by renowned B2C companies, including Traction, Spreenter, Gokada, Jamborow, and more, our API and Widget seamlessly integrate an array of customisable insurance options, ranging from lifestyle, goods-in-transit, health, auto and credit.

Experience the future of insurance with Octamile. Leverage our cutting-edge digital insurance infrastructure to propel your business forward. Schedule a meeting today or email us at to unlock limitless possibilities.

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