New Octamiler Alert: Welcome Giga Ilori to Octamile

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As Doug Conant quotes says, “To win the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”. We recently had a chat with a new joiner and our Director of Partnerships and Strategy at Octamile, Gigalolu Ilori. Learn what makes him tick and why he’s a crucial part of our journey to simplifying access to insurance for African consumers.

Hello Giga, Welcome to Octamile. Tell us about yourself?

My experience with finance and strategy within finance, insurance and health industries. I am very interested in leveraging data to solve complex problems, building things, breaking things and speaking.

You recently joined Octamile; what convinced you to take such a career leap?

I joined for the vision, and I think the capacity to execute – I have done a few projects with Gbenro, and I trust his ability to execute. There’s clearly a gap for platforms connecting the insurance sector to businesses and people. I want and believe Octamile to fill that gap in our space across Nigeria and Africa.

What is your role at Octamile, and how does that connect with “simplifying access to insurance across Africa”?

Hopefully, bridge the gap between Octamile and insurance companies. Help with digital insurance actualization.

What is your biggest culture shock moving from a multinational to a startup?

Octamile is not really my first startup experience (Agnosys Health & ProvidusBank were startups). I love startups because of the incredible speed with which things move and the capacity to shape culture/create change.

Are you a morning or night person?

I’m a “get stuff done” day or night or get out of the way person.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Octamile since you joined?

Watching talk becomes a reality.

What is your typical workday like?

Starts 4 am & end 10 pm; 8hrs studying, 6 hours working, 2 Hours with family, 30 minutes exercising, short naps in between

What misconception about the insurance sector you would like to see changed soon?

“It is for rich people.”

What keeps you motivated, and what is your favourite quote?

I am very motivated by helping people live productive lives, and my favourite quote – “if you don’t succeed at first, call an airstrike”


Movies or Music? – Movies & Podcasts. What is music?

Tea, Coffee or Water? – Coffee, obviously

Remote, Office or Hybrid? – Hybrid, but mostly remote

Parting words, what has simplifying access to insurance come to mean for you?

I hope that in a few years, first Octamile makes most of the APIs that connects the insurance industry to everyday people via businesses. Economies can move if insurance can be accessed more quickly, i.e. at lower cost, with higher relevance – increased client willingness to adopt. 

  1. People are freer to take business risks with attendant rewards (and failures) with insurance protecting the things that matter to them (homes, property, children’s education)
  2. Small/medium businesses are de-risked, making them more attractive to investors.
  3. Large businesses remain well taken care of by legacy organisations. At lower costs that these organisations can pass back to stakeholders

We welcome Giga to Octamile and wish him great success.

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