Octamile Partners with ShipAfrica to Offer Seamless Shipping Insurance Solutions

octamile partners with ShipAfrica

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with ShipAfrica to launch seamless shipping insurance solutions using Octamile’s embedded insurance infrastructure. This collaboration enhances the logistics solutions provided by ShipAfrica, ensuring secure and hassle-free shipping experiences for businesses and customers.

ShipAfrica is a leading logistics platform dedicated to simplifying and enhancing logistics services for businesses and individuals across the world. Their innovative logistics technology streamlines local and international shipping, providing reliable and efficient freight forwarding and supply chain management services.

Octamile’s embedded insurance infrastructure enables ShipAfrica to offer goods-in-transit (GIT) and Marine – import & export insurance from leading Insurance underwriters, providing an added layer of shipment protection for their customers.

This policy safeguards cargo against accidental damage or loss during transit, loading, and off-loading, ensuring comprehensive transportation security.

With Octamile’s integration, ShipAfrica users can easily add GIT coverage during the checkout process, ensuring their goods are protected throughout the freight management journey. Our infrastructure also supports automated claims handling, ensuring swift and hassle-free resolution in case of any incidents.

“Our partnership with ShipAfrica is another big step further in our mission to make insurance more accessible and efficient for businesses and consumers in Nigeria and across Africa. By integrating our embedded insurance solutions with ShipAfrica’s digital platform, we are ensuring that shipments are protected at every step of their journey. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance security and efficiency in the logistics industry,” said Gbenro Dara, CEO of Octamile.

“We are excited to partner with Octamile to bring seamless and comprehensive shipping insurance solutions to our customers. This partnership not only enhances the value we provide but also ensures that our customers’ goods are protected against any unforeseen events during transit. By integrating Octamile’s innovative insurance technology, we are setting a new standard for logistics services in Africa,” said Valentine Buchi, CEO of ShipAfrica.

About Octamile

Octamile is an Insurtech company simplifying Access to Insurance for Africans with our All-in-one digital insurance infrastructure. We enable Insurance providers and businesses to seamlessly launch and manage insurance products for consumers on their web and app platforms from purchase to claims.

Insurance underwriters and leading companies like Providus Bank, Gokada, Traction, Kredibank, DriveMe, Terminal Africa and several others rely on our API or Widget to integrate Health, Auto, life, Fire, Accident and other customizable insurance products.

About ShipAfrica 

ShipAfrica is dedicated to providing the logistics solutions to Africans. Their platform offers a comprehensive suite of eCommerce, logistics, and payment solutions, empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to manage international shipping and logistics partnerships efficiently.

Experience Seamless Embedded Insurance Solutions with Octamile

Discover the future of logistics and insurance with Octamile and ShipAfrica. Leverage our cutting-edge digital insurance infrastructure to ensure secure and hassle-free shipping experiences. Get started today by booking a meeting or emailing us at business@octamile.com.

Stay connected with Octamile for more exciting updates and innovations in the logistics and insurance space.

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