How You Can Enjoy a Safer Detty December

safer detty december

Christmas was rebranded by fun-seeking Millenials and Gen Z as “Detty December”, and it is one of the most anticipated periods in Nigeria. It’s the period where everyone is engaged in one social activity or the other with extra high energy and enthusiasm. 

Suppose you take a look around you, despite the Omicron variant of COVID-19 being a significant cause for concern during this festive period and the Government doing all it can to ensure the festive period is safe for everyone. In that case, most people are still very ecstatic about the season.

Unplanned incidents can quickly dampen the Christmas cheer but being cautious and insured can safeguard yourself and your loved ones against some of these mishaps, ensuring peace of mind as you go about detty-ing your December.

Here are some of the most common holiday mishaps and tips that can help you avoid them for a safer Detty December.

5 Tips to Ensure a Safer Detty December

1. Car Accidents: According to the reports released by FRSC about Yelutide from 2019 reveals that the holiday season, like no other, triggers a surge in Car accidents as there are increased chances of people travelling without a license, people driving under the influence of alcohol, and those pumped with the holiday adrenaline.  

Tips to help you avoid car accidents:

  • Get a comprehensive auto insurance plan.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • If you must party and drink, don’t drive; use ride-hailing apps 
  • Be responsible with driving or being driven; there is never a perfect time for road rages, and Christmas is not one. Please do not get carried away.
  • If you are fatigued or stressed, don’t drive.

What to do immediately after a car accident: No matter how careful you are, other drivers might not be as cautious as you are; these tips would guide you on what to do next if you get into a car accident.

  • Check for injuries and ensure your passengers are out of danger 
  • Reach out to the closest authorities (police, road safety officials) and file a report 
  • Get evidence (pictures, medical expenses receipt, etc.)
  • Reach out to your Insurer. 

2. Robbery: While you are preparing for a fun holiday, robbers are also busy planning and preparing for one of their busiest seasons of the year. During the holiday season, robberies tend to peak because of the many activities that cause distractions that make people a little careless.

Tips to help you avoid robberies: 

  • Avoid announcing your location per time on social media 
  • Move-in groups if possible 
  • Be careful where you use your bank cards 
  • Don’t flash cash and expensive accessories; you might just be setting yourself up for armed robbery. 

What to do if you get robbed: 

  • Find a secure place first, reach out to your emergency contacts and be safe first
  • File a police report as soon as you can
  • If you have insurance covering the items that were stolen, reach out to your insurers

3. Allergies/Food poisoning: Food poisoning is a common occurrence during this period as many restaurants and hotels are trying to manage the number of customers they have. It is also expected at home because cooking holiday meals is stressful, and the designated chef tends to juggle meals meaning one hygiene mistake can put all the guests at risk. 

Tips to avoid food poisoning and allergy reactions; 

  • Throughrougly read through the menu before ordering a meal 
  • Double-check with the waiter(ess) that the meal you are ordering is free of ingredients that give you allergies.
  • Don’t just eat anywhere; carefully vet the restaurants you will be eating at.
  • If you are cooking, wash your hands regularly and take extra care while cooking meat, vegetables, and poultry products. 

What to do when you get an allergy reaction: 

Sometimes, reactions to allergy and food poisoning might not be hazardous, but most times, it is. If you suspect food poisoning or allergy, have someone get you to the hospital as soon as possible. The good thing is, you don’t have to spend your December budget in the Hospital with health insurance in place. 

4. Fire/Kitchen Accidents: During the holidays, the kitchen is always a hub of activities, from baking to frying to cooking, a lot happens in the kitchen, and accidental cooking-related injuries are all too common. 

Tips to avoid Kitchen fire/accident: 

  • Ensure there’s a fire extinguisher in your home and learn to use it
  • Put out the cooking fire properly 
  • Stay in the kitchen and monitor what you are cooking 
  • Watch out for defective utensils 
  • Avoid having kids in the kitchen 

What to do when there’s a fire or kitchen accident:

  • Examine how bad the accident is
  • Use First Aid remedies for minor accidents.
  • Get the victims to the hospital as soon as possible 
  • In case of fire, turn off the heat source and engage your fire extinguisher 
  • Collect fire accident evidence and reach out to your insurers 

5. COVID-19 or Variants: This is still the elephant in the room; you can still enjoy your holidays with the people you care about being safe and responsible. Wear your masks and adhere to all protocols. 

Tips on how to avoid getting COVID-19 this period 

  • Only attend critical gatherings 
  • Use your masks and wash your hands regularly 
  • Get vaccinated 
  • As much as possible, limit the number of guests you have over. 

In conclusion, party and event hosts should be proactive rather than reactive to keep fun lovers safe this season. It’s vital not to forget to exercise extreme caution and be responsible as you go about enjoying your holiday to ensure you have a safer Detty December. We wish you a fantastic holiday. That being said… “we outside!”.

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