Embedded Insurance Partnership: Errandlr Making Deliveries Safer

embedded insurance partnership with Errandlr

Today, we are happy to announce the Octamile embedded insurance partnership with Errandlr to make last-mile deliveries safer for individuals and businesses.

At the core of our promise at Octamile, we are simplifying access to insurance with our digital insurance infrastructure solutions that help businesses in the logistics ecosystem deliver more value in better and unique ways.

Errandlr is a delivery and fulfilment platform that offers last-mile delivery solutions for retailers, eCommerce owners, and logistics providers. The Nigerian startup leverages technology to simplify delivery and order processing for businesses. Their main objective is to provide the most convenient delivery experience possible.

The embedded insurance partnership with Errandlr will provide easy access to digitised goods-in-transit insurance coverage from underwriters to their consumers via their platform and delivery API endpoint for businesses. 

BabaJide Fowotade, CEO & Co-founder of Errandlr, speaking on the partnership launch, said, “As demand for package deliveries continues to grow, so do the risks. As a technology-driven company, we are proud to partner with Octamile to provide customers with the most convenient delivery experience with ease of mind for shipments.”

Octamile’s All-in-One insurance management infrastructure will also power access claims processing and support in situations of loss and damage to goods.

Following social media trends, there’s often a love-hate relationship between delivery companies and consumers. Seamless access to embedded covers will improve this relationship and provide relevant insurance protection for Errandlr and its users.

Who We Are

Octamile is an insurtech startup; our all-in-one digital insurance infrastructure simplifies launching multiple or single insurance products for consumers on web and app platforms. 

B2C companies like Gokada, Pocket, Jamborow, DriveMe, Terminal Africa, VeendHQ, Edusko, Wecover, and LogiTrak rely on our API or Widget to integrate lifestyle, health, auto, life, credit, and other customisable insurance products.

Leverage our digital insurance infrastructure today. Schedule a meeting here or email business@octamile.com.

embedded insurance partnership with Errandlr
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