Employee Spotlight: Meet Onyemowo Jacinta Onu

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How would you describe a strong woman? Probably you would say something similar to this. A strong woman stands up for herself. A strong woman knows who she is. She is not afraid to share her ideas and thoughts. She is confident in her abilities but willing to learn more. A strong woman is happy. A strong woman can be you(lol, im sure you definitely know we are talking to the women reading this, not you)

Well, we’ve got a story to tell you. A story of hard work, tenacity, self-reliance, friendship and a sprinkle of enjoyment. This is a story of one of your and our favourites. A brief story of Onyemowo Jacinta Onu, product designer at octamile

We put Onyemowo in the spotlight at Octamile today to learn what it means to be that woman we admire.

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do at octamile.

A: Hi, My name is Onyemowo Onu. I’m a UI/UX and Graphics designer. I mostly specialise in the UI/UX role at octamile, and I am pretty good at it.

Q: What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

A: I felt I had more to offer than being what I was then. I wasn’t happy. I had to call myself to order. Something similar to this, “Yo, arise and shine. You’ve got to figure this thing out”. (in case you need to jerk yourself to reality) Youre welcome.

I decided to go into tech. I began learning a few tech skills, and UI/UX won my heart.  Those other skills are still relevant to me, but im not a master of them.

Q: What advice would you give anyone wanting to start the same career?

A: Passion plays a key role when starting out in this field. You cant follow the crowd or succumb to pressure or trend. They all die down and never last. Then you are left with your reality.

You need to ask yourself if this is what you want to do. Do it because it’s something you love and want to be a part of you.

Q: What is your best Childhood memory?

A: I always looked forward to the last bell of the school day. I would run straight to my dad’s office. I enjoyed his company and looked forward to the meat pie and tea I knew I would be offered. When that wasn’t available, I would be taken to a fancy restaurant to eat. It’s the privilege that came with being the last born. I was born to be spoilt with enjoyment.  LOL

Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

A:  Able bodied graphic designer Victor aka Quizzy aka Pastor Vic.

Q: What’s a typical weekend for you?

A: Im sure you know the weekend starts at 5:01 pm on Friday, right? Now that this is established, here is how I spend my weekend.

I spend time with the family and watch movies or series(my choice depends solely on my mood). On Saturdays, I spend time with friends and go for any available outing.

On Sunday, I maintain a relationship with God(my first love) and then come home to TV and a bowl of Coldstone ice cream, mint flavour with lots of M&M, brownies and an additional ice-cream flavour. Thats my favourite. You should try it. It’ll definitely melt your skull.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in Octamile?

A: My colleagues. They are more life family at this point.

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