Next-Level Shipping Experience: Octamile and Spreentar Merge Logistics and Insurance for Seamless Protection

octamile partners with Spreentar

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Octamile and Spreentar, bringing together cutting-edge logistics technology and embedded insurance solutions. Octamile partners Spreentar to provide individuals and businesses with a seamless, secure, and comprehensive experience in shipping packages while safeguarding against financial loss. Let’s explore how this partnership is set to revolutionise the logistics landscape.

Spreentar has gained recognition as a pioneering Peer-to-Peer logistics platform, connecting people who need to ship packages with verified travellers who are already heading in the right direction. Their user-friendly platform allows customers to request deliveries effortlessly, ensuring door-to-door shipment with zero room for delays. Now, Spreentar takes its commitment to customer satisfaction further by embedding insurance products into its platform, safeguarding businesses and consumers from potential financial loss during transit.

Yazeed Momoh, the CEO of Spreentar, said, “Based on the nature of our business model, it was critical to us to not only insure every spreent on our platform but also to automate the entire process. We spoke with a couple of service providers, but Octamile stood out right from the first meeting. They understood our needs and have been very keen on providing suitable solutions. We’re excited about this partnership and look forward to maximising value for all stakeholders.”

The Power of Embedded Insurance:

Through the partnership between Spreentar and Octamile, customers will have access to integrated Goods-in-transit (GIT) insurance products from leading insurers. This means businesses and consumers can protect their valuable shipments from financial loss during transit. Spreentar’s platform will enable convenient insurance purchases, ensuring comprehensive coverage that instils confidence in every delivery.

Gbenro Dara, CEO of Octamile, said, “Integrating Octamile’s embedded insurance infrastructure with Spreentar’s logistics platform creates a unified and superior customer experience. This partnership eliminates the need for separate processes and systems, providing a streamlined solution that saves time and effort. we are really excited to be powering this process.”

In a world where logistics and insurance play crucial roles in our daily lives, Octamile partners Spreentar to redefine convenience, security, and peace of mind. With Octamile’s advanced insurtech infrastructure seamlessly integrated into Spreentar’s Peer-to-Peer logistics platform, businesses and individuals can now embark on a shipping journey that transcends expectations. No more worrying about delays or financial loss during transit—Octamile and Spreentar have you covered.

About Octamile:

Octamile is a Leading insurtech Company, empowering businesses to unlock the true potential of digital insurance. With our all-in-one digital insurance infrastructure, we have simplified the process of launching multiple or single insurance products for consumers across web and app platforms. Trusted by renowned B2C companies, including Gokada, Jamborow, and more, our API and Widget seamlessly integrate an array of customisable insurance options, ranging from lifestyle, goods-in-transit, health, auto and credit.

Experience the future of insurance with Octamile. Leverage our cutting-edge digital insurance infrastructure to propel your business forward. Schedule a meeting today or email us at to unlock limitless possibilities.

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