Octamile and Messenger Partner to Secure Logistics and Provide Seamless Protection of Goods

Octamile partners with messenger.ng

In a significant step towards enhancing trust and security in the delivery services, we’re excited to announce that Octamile partners  Messenger.ng. This collaboration, which sees Octamile partnering with Messenger.ng, addresses a common concern in the industry and brings us closer to fostering customer reliability and peace of mind.

This is exciting news for anyone who values trust and security in their deliveries! Octamile partners with Messenger.ng to create a partnership that aims to make sending and receiving packages a worry-free experience.

Messenger.ng, a full-service logistics and dispatch company, has consistently delivered top-notch package delivery, cold chain solutions, warehousing, and haulage services. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for SMEs, corporate organisations, and private individuals. With a focus on seamless and efficient delivery, Messenger.ng has successfully transformed the logistics ecosystem in Nigeria. You can have access to delivering your goods across the country by downloading the messenger app on Play Store or IOS.

Octamile partners Messenger.ng to introduce shipping security and reliability. By embedding Octamile’s goods-in-transit insurance seamlessly into Messenger.ng’s customer journey, a comprehensive protection layer is added to the shipping process. This means that clients can now enjoy the convenience of seamless package delivery while ensuring their goods are safeguarded against potential financial loss during transit. With Octamile partnering with Messenger.ng, you can confidently send your valuables and crucial items through Messenger.ng, knowing that they are covered by comprehensive insurance.

Emphasising the significance of this collaboration, Amanda Etuk, CEO of Messenger.ng, stated, “One of the problems associated with delivery services is the lack of trust and security. We are a step closer to fixing those concerns through Insurance.

Our partnership with Octamile, where Octamile partners with Messenger.ng, provides insurance for goods moved using our services. You can rest assured to send your valuables and crucial items with Messenger.”

The integration of Octamile’s insurance infrastructure with Messenger.ng’s logistics platform streamlines the customer experience, eliminating the need for disjointed processes. Businesses and individuals can now embark on their shipping journeys with unparalleled ease and peace of mind whether it’s a small-scale delivery or large-scale haulage. The Octamile-Messenger.ng partnership, where Octamile partners with Messenger.ng, ensures that every step is safeguarded.

Gbenro Dara, CEO of Octamile, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “This collaboration reflects Octamile’s dedication to redefine how insurance complements logistics. We are excited to be part of Messenger.ng’s journey, and together, we are setting a new standard for shipping security and reliability.”

In a world where trust and security are essential for successful deliveries, Octamile and Messenger.ng are at the forefront of innovation. Through their collaboration, where Octamile partners with Messenger.ng, they’re not just changing the way goods are transported, but also enhancing the level of trust and protection customers can expect from a delivery servi

About Octamile:

Octamile is a leading insurtech company; Octamile is at the forefront of digitising insurance processes, making insurance solutions accessible and hassle-free. 

Trusted by renowned B2C companies like Gokada, Terminal Afica, Jamborow, DriveMe, VeendHQ, Edusko, Wecover, and LogiTrak, Traction, Spreentar, Kredibank who rely on our API or Widget to unlock limitless possibilities for businesses and customers alike.

We have a reputation for simplifying the launch of multiple or single insurance products across web and app platforms. From lifestyle to goods-in-transit, health to auto and credit insurance, Octamile’s cutting-edge digital infrastructure unlocks limitless possibilities for businesses and customers alike.

Experience the future of insurance with Octamile. Leverage our digital insurance infrastructure to propel your business forward. Schedule a meeting today or email us at business@octamile.com to unlock limitless possibilities.

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