5 Reasons Why Insurance is a Perfect Holidays Gift Idea

why insurance makes a perfect gift

It’s the season famous for sharing and giving. Tick tock the clock counts down on your holiday shopping or is it challenging to find the perfect gift for your loved one(s). 

Have you stopped to consider that insurance is a perfect gift idea for your loved one(s) this season? Yes, buying them chicken and all things lovely is excellent, but insurance is a gift that will keep giving for the next year or for whatever tenure you purchased it for. 

Don’t take my word for it; come, join me, let’s explore the five reasons why insurance is a perfect holidays gift idea for your loved ones.

Insurance is a Perfect Holidays Gift Idea

1. There’s Something for Everyone: The various available insurance options make it easier to gift your friends and relatives tailored insurance that fits their needs at the moment. Think about life insurance for your ageing parents, travel insurance for that sibling that likes to travel, health insurance for any of your loved ones, so they don’t have to worry about hospital bills again. This list is long, and not only does this put your mind at rest that your loved ones are covered from some mishaps, but you are also sure that your gift is perfect for them. 

2. Insurance is the gift that keeps giving: Most gifts tend to lose value over time, but insurance is a gift that keeps giving; it’s like giving your loved ones multiple get out of jail cards. It reassures your loved ones that you will always be there. With insurance as a gift, you constantly provide security and value for as long as your loved one requires it. What gift is better? 

3. It’s a unique gift: Nothing makes a gift you present feel inadequate to a loved one than realising you are gifting them what someone else has gifted or something they already own. In Nigeria, 9 out of 10 people do not have insurance cover, so what are the chances that the people you are gifting already have insurance or that someone else is giving them the same kind of insurance you are offering? 

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4. Ditch the store runs: Getting insurance as a Christmas present for your loved ones is not only thoughtful, it is also time-saving. You can easily buy insurance within minutes using your phone! You don’t have to go anywhere, and you don’t have to do the whole tiring paperwork. You can even buy it the night before Christmas, definitely impressive!

5. It is a very affordable gift: If you think insurance is costly, it’s time to rethink! Monthly premium insurance can be as low as your entertainment subscriptions. You can select a flexible payment that won’t burn a hole in your pockets with customised insurance. 

Insurance is a perfect holidays gift Idea as it plays a critical role in protecting your loved ones from different mishaps life might throw at them. Think about all the potential benefits your loved stand can gain with an insurance policy. Wrap your arms of love around your loved ones with an ultimate surprise gift of insurance that would provide them years of relief even in your absence.

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