Automated and Faster Claims for AXA Mansard

faster claims for axa mansard

Until the launch of “Claims Fast-Track”, an automated and touchless motor insurance claims solution for AXA Mansard, motor claims in Nigeria were largely traditional and stressful for car owners.

For busy policyholders, claims payout can take up to two weeks or months after the necessary documentation has been provided. The experience is worse if your insurer needs to send out an adjuster to make a recommendation for your claims request.

The back and forth is usually a frustrating experience for insurance consumers, but Octamile’s Automated Claims Management Solution is changing that experience for consumers.

AXA Mansard Insurance, a member of the AXA Group, is a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management with over 20 years of continuous presence in Africa. Our client set out to achieve a faster, seamless, automated and motor claims experience for its auto insurance policyholders.

faster claims for axa mansard
Image Credit – Axa Mansard

Axa Mansard’s Goal: After extensive interactions and data gathering, understand clients’ unique needs. Our partners highlighted the goals they were seeking to achieve for their motor insurance claims processes, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Reduced turnaround time
  2. Fraud detection
  3. Fast payout
  4. Easy integration into their current Enterprise technology & workflow
  5. Little or no human interaction in the claims management process
  6. Effective reporting system.

Octamile’s engineering and product team then deployed the best-in-class automated claims and touchless virtual inspection solution for processing AXA Mansard motor insurance claims.

The Result: The claims management solution manages and automates customer claims from inception (First Notification of Loss) to payout without human interactions and uses modern technology and algorithms to validate what motor insurance claims would pass or fail based on the system-defined rules.

Our client’s claims processing went from a cumbersome experience for consumers to a seamless one; since its launch, their claims auto claims processing is now paperless and has recorded a 99.9% success rate.

faster claims for axa mansard 2
Image Credit – Axa Mansard

“We are committed to achieving the singular goal of putting our customers first, in this instance, by building an app that incorporates their feedback on our claiming process as well as including other market-leading innovations. We urge our existing and future customers to start using Claims Fast-track app today.”

Adebola Surakat, Group Head, Claims Services & Reinsurance at AXA Mansard – Proshare

Automate and Process Insurance Claims Faster

Experience the Octamile difference; let us deploy an automated claims processing and touchless virtual inspection solution for your organisation today. Learn more about our claims processing and inspection solutions here, and you can schedule a meeting or email us at with our business team.

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